About Clarick Cleaning

A maid service made for you

Above all, we just love helping people!

Since its launch in 2008 Clarick Cleaning has grown to be a business with a great reputation for providing friendly, experienced cleaning and domestic services to customers across Norfolk.

Started by wife and husband team, Clare and Patrick, their original idea was to create a company which did more than just provide basic cleaning services. Clare, who had worked as a private cleaner since 2001, believes strongly that care needs to be at the heart of their business: “My experience was that there seemed to be a gap in the market which other companies weren’t filling. My customers wanted…

  • A friendly, tailored service from a company with a heart rather than a big, soulless business
  • To have the same cleaner every time – not a different face every week
  • To tell me what jobs THEY wanted me to do – not for me to tell them
  • To decide for themselves how long they would book me for and what time of the week or day…”

In addition people would often ask Clare to do additional jobs such as dog walking or shopping.

Clarick Cleaning – Our Values

Clarick cleaning is all about making people feel cared for. We understand that it’s a very personal thing to let someone into your home and we want to repay that trust with genuinely friendly, helpful and honest services which you or your loved ones can rely on.

Whether we are providing cleaning services for professionals who are out at work all day or helping an elderly person maintain their independence all our customers feel cared for.

Got a question or would like to know more about costs? Check out our Pricing/FAQs page. Or, if you’d like to see what our customers say about our cleaning and domestic care services, go straight to our Testimonials page.

If you need house cleaning or general domestic care services in or around Norwich, call us now on 01603 957094 or  Alternatively contact us via our enquiry form